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“In my opinion, the role of the General interpreted by Dmitry Ulyanov stood out in the opera.
Impeccable singing (distinct articulation techniques, in-depth psychological insight, intellectual phrasing) alongside with the dramatic acting in the best Russian theatrical tradition are used to rich effect… the scene of General’s death in the loop of Blanche’s boa was acted brilliantly…”

— Alexander Kurmachov (belcanto.ru)

”The Gambler” by S. Prokofiev | VIENNA STATE OPERA 2017

“Old man Izmaylov interpreted by Dmitry Ulyanov embodies an evil spirit of the place and even the satirical specks of the famous aria about old age set off the mystic character of overwhelming power trying to subdue every corner of the gigantic urban beehive to its ominous aura. The singer uses a rich palette of vocal and theatrical colors to depict totalitarian lust for power with its infernal savagery.
No wonder that this interpretation was crowned with success even with the fastidious Salzburg audience: it burst into a thunderous applause…

— Alexander Kurmachov (belcanto.ru)

“Lady Macbeth Of The Mzensk District” by D. Shostakovich | SALZBURG FESTIVAL 2017

“Great bass Dmitry Ulyanov whose career ranges from roles in “War and Peace” to “Aida”, from “Prince Igor” to “Les Huguenots”. Powerful and well balanced voice, also able to underline the many comic situations. Intense lamentation all vocalizes when he discovers the death of his two sons who self-destructed. Ulyanov is also a good actor exaggerating the clumsiness of the foolish tsar, having fun in the short ballet of the second act.”

— Fabio Tranchida (operaclick.com)

”The Golden Cockerel” by N. Rimsky-Korsakov | TEATRO REAL, MADRID 2017

“The most high quality voice of the evening was Dmitry Ulyanov performing don Basilio, Rosina’s music teacher and confidant Bartolo. His “Calunnia” was the most brilliant musical point of the performance with perfect diction, strong accents, with precision, powerful volume, and transferred the whole beauty that contains in this famous aria. Throughout his performing, he always standed out..”

– Javier del Olivo (Plateamagizine)

”Il Barbiere Di Siviglia” by G. Rossini | TEATRO DE LA MAESTRANZA, 2016

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