Press review. G. Verdi “Don Carlos”. Vienna State Opera, September 2019

“In the role of the Grand Inquisitor, Dmitry Ulyanov, who was making a role debut in Vienna, was frightening. As he entered the stage, he showcased a dark forceful bass that accompanied the morbid music so well. He held onto the dark tones in the opening scene and gave each of his phrases grit. He didn’t move away from the mezzo forte sound creating in many ways scheming and demonic quality to his interpretation. It was not until the phrase “O Re, se non foss’io con te nel regio oste” that he brought an imposing and terrorizing sound that overwhelmed with its power. It was a tour de force performance that allowed us to see the cruelty this Inquisitor is capable of in such a short period. In his subsequent scene where he and Pape are asked to sing together, Ulyanov easily blended his deep dark bass with Pape’s more lyrical voice.”

– Francisco Salazar (

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“An excellent Inquisitor performed by Dmitry Ulyanov – loud, expressive, peremptory.”

– Andrea R. G. Pedrotti (

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“The Russian bas Dmitry Ulyanov was spectacular as the Great Inquisitor, with a ground-shaking voice.”


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“In this performance Dmitry Ulyanov made his debut as the Grand Inquisitor in Vienna. His voice sounded tougher than Pape’s. However, their similar, vivid timbres made them forget about the horrors that should become the subject of their negotiations”

– Thomas Prochazka (Der Merker, 06.09.2019)

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“Dmitry Ulyanov, being in the heyday of his career, introduced us a powerful Grand Inquisitor (although we more often see basses at the end of their career, performing this role with a shaking voice).”

– backtrack, 09.09.2019

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