Dmitry Ulyanov in the role of General on the stage of Theatre Basel in the opera of S. Prokofiev “The Gambler”

Last Wednesday Dmitry Ulyanov played the role of General on the stage of the Theatre Basel in the new production of S. Prokofiev’s opera “The Gambler” made by the director Vasily Barkhatov. Together with Dmitry performed such artists as Elena Guseva in the role of Polina, Dmitry Golovnin as Alexei Ivanovich, Julia Faylenbogen in the role of Babulenka. Modestas Pitrenas conducted the orchestra.

You can also see Dmitry at the Theatre Basel in the role of General in this production on May 21 and 26, 2018.

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press review:

“The remarkable Dmitry Ulyanov replaces Pavlo Hunka, and his General, colorful, powerful and beaming with inspiration, completes a really marvelous trio”


– Jean-Luc Clairet (, 29.05.2018)


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